Thursday, 8 August 2013

24th Post

Quick Update!!!!
I have finally received an answer to my prayers. My laptop is back in action! I will finally be able to post after a really really long time. I have distressed cards to post and all the latest developments ever since I've posted last.

Can't wait to hear what you've been upto too!!

To all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there, Eid Mubarak!!

Even if you don't celebrate the occasion, Happy Holidays to you. You deserve a break I'm sure.

Take care of the people around you.

Yours sincerely,

Friday, 24 May 2013

23rd Post - Distressed Inks and more!

Long week, long month, long time!
Here's hoping every person you cherish has been well, and you've been happy and up all week.
To round it up, here's what's coming up.
1. My mothers' day special card, following up from Post 22, shall be up soon. There have been a few glitches,
2. This month will be about projects - Cards and a Mini Album - All to do with 'Distressed Inks',
3. This week's Blog Feature... scroll down to find out more!
Here are the sneak peeks!
Week - 1
Flowers. Butterflies. New Stamp!. Patterned Paper. Distress Inks.
Week 2 - A mini Album
Stitching. NEW! Stamp. Eyelets. Patterned Paper. Distress Inks.
Week 3 - Continued from Week 2 -(Inside! the Mini Album)
Week 4 - A card with envelope
NEW! Punch. Bling. NEW! Stamp. Distress Inks. 
Blog feature:
This week's blog feature is...'Drum Roll'...
They have an amazing and gorgeous collection of freebies. To find out more about them, check out the blog page. I have used their free bies on a few of my projects earlier. Really pretty!
I hope you enjoy your week ahead.
To all the crafters out there, putting it simply, I'm back!
Catch me soon on Instagram! More pictures coming up!
Ayesha Naseem

Thursday, 21 March 2013

22nd Post - You make my world go round

I know! This post has come out early.
This is the Mother's Day Special.
I really wish to celebrate all the women in my life, who have been a cornerstone, a pillar and everything else that supports you and keeps you up and going.

So to really put it out there, I'll try to go all out, to put up a card today in the evening. Do come back to take a look. The card isn't just for my mumma(s), its for everyone who has someone in their life, who fills their mother's shoes. It could be your dad, your grand dad, grand ma, any body.

The card though, is more of a dedication to my grand ma, to hounour her memory, who is with Allah, in heaven, I'm sure. (Please remember her in your prayers).
I'll leave you guys with a thought*,
'There are two kinds of people,
1. They pull you out, pick you up and set you down,
2. They pick on you, set you up and pull you down.'
*(Completely original, just an early morning thought)

To the special ladies in my life, thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson among many many others including the sentimental conversations, etc. Love, love, love you ^_^

To all the mother's out there,

Daughter-ly yours,

Saturday, 16 March 2013

21st Post - You are 1 of a Kind

Hey there!

This has been a super week. I have discovered so many wonderful things, blogs and a craft project to share.

Here's the card as promised:

This is an envelope and card. Have been wanting to do this for a long while.  
I've been sitting tight on this one. I'm super glad to share the project with you.

The back of the envelope - The flap edge and the flap in general.

Here's a close up. 

Ta - Daa!! 

Drum Roll for the card please......"Drum Roll"

The supplies I used are all the papers and stamps and fnts I've used in my earlier projects. I shall get back with a full list and update the post soon :) 

This week's blog feature! This blog has inspired me and made me laugh and think a lot (more than I usually do).
Aptly named 'ThingsWeForget'

I hope this inspires you and you get to remember a lot of stuff you and I tend to forget.

Have an awesome a week ahead!

From One of kind like yourself,

Monday, 11 March 2013

20th Post - Secret Surprise

Hi All!

My really good friend's birthday is coming up. I really want to showcase the project I've done to surprise her.

Hence as soon as the surprise is over, I shall rush over and post 'the post'.

Take care and be back soon!

Here's something to go check out - Here. Some really beautiful cards with tonnes of inspiration!

Till sooner,

Sunday, 24 February 2013

19th Post - Insta - Stuff and....


My computer has recovered and I've never felt better ^_^

Instagram, PICS!, and new achievements :)

First things first!

The gift card for the baby, pending for so long now...

Mom was going to a party held to celebrate the occasion of a new addition to the family.. We bought the gift, but figured it was missing something. Hence the card below was added to it.

So it was a boy, hence the blue and yellow.

(Yellow goes well with cards for girls as well. Go ahead try it!)  

Yellow cardstock, ribbon from stash and the Button flower - 'Delights' Sunny Side, American Crafts.
Background stamp - Heart Flower, Prima Marketing

Font - Free hand

Here you are... Up close

I made another one for my aunt. She was going to the same party as mom.

The makings are all the same. However, a little more colourful.

Different alignment of font and ribbon, with the flower at the corner - really changes the whole look.

Aunt loved it.

The new mom was super glad about it. :D

Also, here's a preview of the diary I gave to my sister. After having added my touch of course... :P

Here's the binding side of the diary.
 I hope the picture below doesn't give too much away. 

The next post is all about this!

And.. and.. and.. the Instagram pic (my First!!) - go check it out .. Here

Leave your comments below. I shall make sure I get back to you.

I did say something about the blog feature... That's up next,

Till then,

(Really happy I got this post up)...
Craft-ily Yours,

Ayesha Naseem

Saturday, 2 February 2013

18th Post - Nothing like Anything Else! :D

Hi Everybody out there!

Its a Saturday, and I coudn't be happier. Why? you may ask. The weather here is simply wonderful. What makes it all the better, is that I have so much to celebrate (again, I know,) Almighty's blessings all...

Picnic, wonderful time bunting, and a lot of pictures to upload and share.

You remember I couldn't post any pictures last time. It isn't getting any better this time around either.

I'm trying to make sure I get more punctual with the 'Posts every Saturday'.

In the mean while do drop by to visit my dear friend Neelu's blog here -> Creating Memories. Also visit the new fb page. There's link to it on the website.

So no pics is pretty  boring, why not show you something a little poem, journey that takes you some place new. Be prepared the poet/ author doesn't ask for forgiveness for being who she is. She doesn't mind the criti-que, appreciates it and loves the appreciation.

Go here :)

Enjoy, and here's hoping that you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Another addition, I shall try and talk about a different blog here, every week. Don't be surprised if its more than once. These blogs shall be as difference and eclectic in taste as possible. If there anything I like and a blog is all about it, it'll be featured here.

Wishing you your best week yet!

(Happily) Gratefully yours,
Ayesha Naseem